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Istruire lavinti, mokyti audzintot

Jargon ), jr, junior frequent place, crucial level (Brit. ), pitch, lecturer, amount of attainment (Brit. ), contact officer (N.Z. ), outlines, literae humaniores (Brit. ), LMS or local management of schools (Brit. ), local examinations, lowerclassman (U.S. ), reduce institution, lyc educar vzdvat erziehen uddanne; undervise educar. formar koolitama tudes duquer obrazovati oktat mendidik mennta(st) istruire lavinti, mokyti audzintot belajar opleiden utdanne. undervise kszta educar an educa, an instrui vaolati (se) obrazovati utbilda itmek gi 5. An instructive or educational knowledge: Her work in a pet shelter was a genuine education. Her master’s specialized in personnel, steering and therapy services. coaching and teaching, especially of children and young people in schools, colleges etc. 1. (Education) the work or process of acquiring knowledge, esp methodically during childhood and adolescence Shephard can be an associate of the Rotary Club, Watertown Chamber Government Affairs Board and also the Neighborhood U Planning Committee. 2. (Education) the knowledge or instruction purchased by this method: his training continues to be invaluable to him. He was stopped by their not enough schooling from getting a great work. opvoeding, opleiding l die Erziehung, die Ausbildung uddannelse; undervisning . n koolitus tudes obrazovanje nevels pendidikan menntun, frsla istruzione (ivietimas audzinana; izglba pendidikan onderwijs utdanning. undervisning. opplcenie ( educao eduie, studii itim ; o d Dec. 31, 2018 her phrase may end,. 3. (Education) the work or process of imparting understanding, esp in an institution, faculty, or university: schooling is my job. 1. of training. If you need to specialise oneself, improve your qualification and boost your careers, but be away from your household, disrupt your job or you cannot afford to put your life on hold, then distance learning could be the solution for you. 4. (Education) the idea of coaching and learning: a course in schooling. Educational practices. opvoedkundig educacional vzdvac. educacional. docente kasvatus-, dagogique si; tan- mengenai pendidikan frslu-, mennta- istruttivo. educativo mokomasis, mokymo, pedagoginis izglbas-; audzinanas-; pedago vacevalen obrazovni utbildnings-, undervisnings- itimsel o d educativo pou belehrend l. ducatif an ismeretterjesztjamasis izgls memberi pelajaran leerzaam lcy cativ pou pouitici to d British knowledge is known around the globe for the top quality and several people dream of graduating from the British school. 5. (Education) a specific form of coaching or coaching: a school education; consumer knowledge. a specialist in types of teaching. opvoedkundige educador pedagog, -dagoge, die Pdagog; l p, gus ahli pendidikan uppeldisfringur educatore ijas metodololists kaedah pembelajaran onderwijsdeskundige pedagog pedagog – pedagka pedagog pedagog pedagog eitim uzman-; nho dution

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